Posted on January 22, 2012


The WWASP Diaries

“Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics.” – Jesse M. Unruh, 1966

Without massive campaign contributions from major industries and special interest groups, politics as we know it today would be a completely different battlefield.  Today’s politicians are not only expected to produce results for their constituents, but also to protect the interests and financial gains of the various groups who helped pave the way for their election.

The troubled teen industry as we know it today would never exist without political influence and protection.   If you were to ask the average citizen if painful electric shock therapy, isolation in dog cages, or reinactments of traumatic sexual abuse in front of other peers were therapeutic or effective methods of treating troubled children or teenage addiction, they would likely say no.  Re-word your questions and ask those same individuals if they support involuntary drug treatment for youth or the…

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