Doctors ask CEO to resign from UHS’ Corona Regional Medical Center

Posted on September 21, 2012


Doctors are demanding the resignation of Kevan Metcalfe, Corona Regional Medical Center’s Chief Executive Officer. Corona is owned by Universal Health Services, Inc., based in King of Prussia, Pa.

Tensions have reached a boiling point at Corona’s hospital after physicians held an emergency meeting to ask the top administrator to resign because of what they call antagonistic management practices.

Roughly 50 physicians at Corona Regional Medical Center voted Thursday, Sept. 6, in support of a no-confidence vote and a request for the immediate resignation of Chief Executive Officer Kevan Metcalfe.


Doctors said the situation has been escalating over the past year. Cuts to administrative staff and efforts to contract out for physicians instead of keeping those currently employed have been done without doctors’ input, said Dr. Joel Pengson, an internist at the hospital.

Hospital management experts say it is unusual for a group of physicians to ask a CEO to resign.


Cuts to administrative staff also have caused concern about patients, [pulmonologist Anoop Maheshwari] said.

“Patient safety is affected when you’re cutting down nursing staff and LVN (licensed vocational nurse) staff and you’re having nurses doing the job of secretaries at night time,” Maheshwari said. “Now those nurses, instead of taking care of patients, are taking care of paperwork.”

Further complicating matters is a boycott of the hospital by some physicians. Pengson said he and other doctors with private practices have been sending patients who need outpatient services such as blood tests to other hospitals because they are concerned about the quality of care.

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