Patient speaks out against filth at UHS’ Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas

Posted on September 21, 2012


Ivan Fankuchen says the lack of cleanliness and possible infection at at Universal Health Services’ Summerlin Hospital was so alarming, he called his personal doctor and got him to discharge him early. RN’s thanked him for his efforts to clean up the hospital, and Claude Wise, the hospital’s chief operating officer, gave him an apology.

He was in the hospital for a bowel obstruction. A tube was stuck down his throat for much of his stay, so he could not talk.

When he was finally able, he said he told staff he no longer wanted to stay in a room where: ants made their home; dirt was on the floor and built up in corners; it took three days for staff to empty the portable commode he had to temporarily use; the sink and permanent commode were never cleaned; the garbage can was not emptied for three days; the rolling table he received food on had a sticky substance under the lip; and the base of that table had food stuck to it.

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