Survivor describes sexual, physical and emotional abuse at UHS-owned Provo Canyon School

Posted on April 4, 2013


Lee, however, found that Provo Canyon School was hell on Earth. She alleges that the staff at the school tortured her and the other students. Lee’s not the only former student to maintain that the school abused students. The school has been sued several times, including by Lee. Many of the cases have been dismissed because of statute of limitations.

Lee said that she was sexually abused, denied food and made to sleep under bright lights in addition to other abuses. One of the cruelest tortures was having other students shun each other so that they were not punished.

“If we cried we were told we were acting out and put into time out,” Lee said painfully remembering that time. She also said that medications were given to all of the students and that medication was often switched out without reason.

I asked Linda about the Lee’s time the medication issue. “We were notified after the fact when medications were changed. The notifications came in monthly follow up letters.”

The time at Provo Canyon took its toll. Lee now deals with PTSD.

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