Universal Health Services’ CEO Alan Miller Received $11.7M in 2012

Posted on November 5, 2013


Alan Miller, chairman and CEO of Universal Health Services, reported total compensation of $11.7 million for the 2012 fiscal year, a 6.7% drop from his $12.5 million earnings in 2011, according to a proxy disclosure filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here is the breakdown:

Mr. Miller’s base salary = $1.43 million (increase from 2011)
Stock awards and options = over $8.32 million
Bonuses and incentives = $385,575 (over 85% less than 2011)
“Other” compensation = almost $1.5 million (including $11,497 for county club dues, $3,870 for maintenance to his personal home and $476 for sporting event tickets)

Steve Filton, UHS CFO:
$1.4 million in 2012 (down from $1.8 million in 2011)
Base salary increased to $507,519, but like Mr. Miller, his incentives were also down significantly.

Marvin Pember, UHS’ senior vice president and president of the acute-care division:
$2.73 million, (includes $575,022 base salary and a $1 million cash bonus for his first anniversary; second-highest compensation package in the company)

Marc Miller, president of UHS and son of Alan Miller;
$1.88 million (down from $2.41 million in 2011)

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